A report by HollywoodLife says Tiny Harris is ready to give her husband T.I. another child! Supposedly, she is ‘planning to see a fertility expert.’

As fans know, the Xscape singer and her rapper husband already share three kids.

The outlet also previously reported that last week, Tiny had a pregnancy scare but while it turned out she is not actually with child, the false alarm really made her think about that option.

‘The way T.I. reacted to the latest pregnancy scare has got Tiny really seriously thinking about having another baby with him. The issue for her is that her career’s so hot right now that she is not sure she feels ready to stop,’ one insider tells HollywoodLife.

But even though it doesn’t seem like the right time to have a new addition to the family, it’s still not out of the question as long as she plans for the future.

The source adds that ‘She’s now planning to see a fertility expert and find out if it is possible to freeze some of her eggs so she can do IVF at some point down the road.’

Most fans would love to see the on again off again couple bring a new baby into the world.

However, IVF does not give them a big chance of success due to the mother’s age.

The Xscape star is now 43 years old which means the odds are pretty against her.

Advanced Fertility explains that babies born using a woman’s eggs if she is over the age of 44 are very, very rare!

Apparently, the success rate is of only around 1% per attempt, so it’s likely Tiny’s fertility doctor will not have any good news as far as the egg freezing is concerned.