Farrah Abraham made her return to the adult film industry earlier this year, but it resulted in her termination from Teen Mom OG. RadarOnline.com has exclusive details on MTV firing Abraham from the series.

Abraham, 26, broke the news and slammed the network in a heated Instagram post.

“Even though #Viacom fired me today they couldn’t help but to exploit myself & my daughter for their promotional gain,” the tirade began. “Viacom let me go because as a Business Mogul I act like an adult and part take in adult promotions and activities that other adults do for FREE or in private! Even though I have successfully been to gentlemen’s clubs appearances they filmed and Viacom filmed me at the AVN’s & Viacom shows and glorifies showing couples having sex on their network, but as stated today ‘my brands press out shines the Teen mom Viacom press.‘”

Abraham added that it’s “sad” the show will no longer have its “biggest talent” because of women-hating, sex-shaming, hate crimes, selfish, Weinstein company power trip behaviors against a professional hard working, honest mother.”

She continued, “I’m proud of myself [for] not giving in to be sex-shamed by Viacom network, proud to not have a network take away financial opportunities for my goals, proud to be an Advocate for a healthy sex life, safe sex, teen pregnancy prevention and so much more while I run companies in different fields and scale them.”

Abraham added that she is “basically winning” against the “hurtful, disgusting” executives.

“I will never be broken by hateful wrong people and if everyone else is brained washed, on drugs, pills, scheming thinking their at the top of their power trips I WISH to always be apart,” she wrote. “I give this chapter of my life to GOD & all of his glory & to justice in court.”

She ended the rant by revealing that she is writing her first business book on “scheming producers” and “jealous celebrities.”

“She is a careless person,” the source said. “She’s selfish. She will act like she doesn’t care. She did it to herself. MTV deserved to fire her.”

Abraham may have trouble finding work outside of the series.

“That’s not something the network wants for the image of Teen Mom,” a source close to Abraham told Radar. “No one wants her anywhere. No events, nothing. She was just booked at a strip club.”